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Get Access To Facebook VIP Agency Ad Accounts Without Spend Limits!

What If I Could Show You How The Pros Run Ads…

Get Access To Facebook VIP Agency Ad Accounts Without Spend Limits!


Never deal with banned ad accounts again. Get your no-spend-limit agency level accounts and direct contact with high-level Facebook reps today!


If you spend over $1000 per day on ads then contact us

  1. Unlimited Spend: We have a direct credit line with Facebook and our ad accounts have no set spend limits

  2. Pre approved: All ad creatives and landing pages get manually reviewed by our reps before running ads to ensure they are compliant

  3. Lower CPA: Advertisers on our accounts have reported a 10-15% lower CPA due to the trust of these high level accounts

This is the secret to how professional advertisers are able to scale sky high


Who are these accounts for?

The enterprise level agency accounts can be used by anyone spending $1000+ per day on the platform. We have large brands, drop-shippers, affiliates and others in the E-commerce space using these accounts.


Top Agency Partners

$10M+ Spent each month on our accounts

Trusted Accounts

Run ads with no risks of being shut down

No Spend Limits

Our invoice accounts have no spending limits. Your ads are pre-approved by our reps for compliance

Got Questions?

The ad accounts are paid by invoice. We have a direct credit line with Facebook. You can spend as much as you want from day one with no issues and no risk of being flagged.

If approved, you will be on-boarded by your dedicated account specialist our Reps will check your entire business model including your whole funnel, ad creatives etc to make sure that you are fully compliant!
Our reps will give you pointers where needed. You can normally be up and running ads within 24 hours

No unfortunately we are unable to support this and can’t work with people in this space. All ads and landing pages are pre-approved by our Facebook reps for compliance. They will offer guidance to help you if needed.
They can tell you exactly what changes to make to ensure that your ads are compliant enough to get your campaigns approved, so you can start scaling!

The short answer is YES! We have lots of clients in the Crypto/NFT space advertising their projects. However the space is new and rules are constantly changing. We will work together with you and keep the Facebook reps happy whilst you scale up to huge numbers.
We have multiple clients spending 7 figures a month advertising in this area on our Facebook agency accounts and we are able to offer expert insights and guidance.

Get access to no-spend-limit ad accounts and high-level Facebook reps!


Invoice is a premium ad account type specifically issued to agencies by Facebook, which does not use a credit card.

HC Agency agrees to issue an Invoice account for products: POD, Dropship, cosmetics, spas, beauty salons, and some functional food items (not supporting pathological products).

No. if the account is locked without the customer's mistakes. HC Agency will assist in creating a new ad account and transferring the remaining balance to a new account at no additional cost.

- $500 is a deposit to make sure you don't run violating campaigns. This amount of money shall be refunded after contract termination.
- Account setup fee is a fixed cost for each new ad account created. In case the account is locked without the customer's faults, HC Agency will support you to set up a new account and you shall not have to pay any extra fees.

Yes! When you need to complete the contract, we shall refund the balance within 30 working days.

We accept payment via Credit Card, PayPal, Payoneer, Pingpong, USDT, and USDT.

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